woman with a leg cast lounging on couch and talking on phone

A Lawyer Who Returns My Calls

Our clients sometimes tell us how surprised they are that we respond quickly to their inquiries. If they call us or email us, they usually hear back from us right away. Apparently this isn’t always the case with law firms.

“My last lawyer never returned my calls!” one client told us recently, surprised when we promptly returned her phone call. Many other clients have conveyed similar reactions to quickly returned calls or emails.

Because the process of resolving an injury claim can take a long time, clients understandably expect to communicate with their lawyer with some regularity. We get it. At our office, we believe effective communication between lawyer and client is essential. That’s why we make it a point to be responsive when clients reach out to us. We answer questions right away if possible. We make it a point to respond promptly to phone messages and emails.

In our view, professionalism means treating all clients with respect, and being responsive to communications is one of the best ways to show respect.