Massachusetts Dog Bites and Dog Attack Attorneys

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In Massachusetts, unlike most states, when a dog bites a child or an adult, the injured person is usually entitled to a settlement with the dog owner’s insurance company even if there is no proof that the dog owner was negligent. A special Massachusetts statute imposes strict liability on owners of dogs who attack, meaning victims of dog bites are often entitled to substantial insurance settlements for their injuries.

Massachusetts law can be very favorable to dog bite victims. If you or your child has been bitten in a dog attack, contact the personal injury firm of the Law Offices of David Niose for a free initial consultation.


At the Law Offices of David Niose, firm lawyers David Niose and Paul Groark have handled many dog bite and dog attack cases throughout Central Massachusetts and have numerous settlements and awards for damages from dog bite clients through settlement negotiations and litigation. With our inside knowledge of how insurance companies operate, we are familiar with insurance company procedures, valuation methods, and defense tactics.

Dog bite claims involving scarring or disfigurement, even when the actual scar seems relatively minor, can have significant settlement value. Consult with a law firm that knows how to handle these cases, a firm that has a track record of successful results. By investigating plastic surgery and other medical care costs, and by demonstrating the value of scarring and disfigurement, we have been successful in significantly increasing settlement and judgment amounts, placing additional funds in the pockets of our clients.


If you have questions regarding a dog bite, dog attack or animal mauling injury, contact us. We offer free initial consultations, are available for weekend and evening appointments and can visit your home or hospital. We receive no fee in personal injury cases unless we win a financial recovery. To contact us, call 978-343-0800 or 1-800-921-0800.