Why you should keep a journal after you’ve been injured in an accident

When you’ve been injured in an accident, you experience pain, physical limitations, mental distress, and lots of aggravation. When you’re going through it, it dominates your life and makes day-to-day living more difficult in numerous ways. But eventually, in most cases, in a matter of weeks or months you’ll start feeling much better, perhaps even a full recovery. A year or two after the accident, you won’t remember exactly how you felt one week after the accident or three weeks after the accident — you won’t recall all of the details of how the injury affected your life as you were recuperating in the months after the accident.

That’s why keeping a journal is a very smart thing to do after you’ve been injured in an accident. By making a few notes from time to time, whether daily, weekly, or whatever you feel comfortable doing, you help preserve your experiences so that your lawyers can present your case better.

A year from now you’ll forget many of the details of what you’re going through as an accident victim, but those details can help raise the value of your case significantly. Maybe after the accident you weren’t able to drive your child to school for a month due to your injuries, or maybe for several weeks you experienced side effects from medication that was prescribed for your pain — if you write those kind of experiences down, we as your lawyers will know about them and we’ll convey those details to the insurance company or, if your case goes to court, to the judge and jury.

This is just one of many things we can do by working together to get you what you deserve after an accident. Talk to us to learn more.